PlayKing Japan™ Lightweight Nylon Foldable Backpack


For Those Living Life on the Go 

Planning a trip soon? Or maybe you're a digital nomad who's just as comfortable in Tokyo as you are in Chicago. No matter how often you travel, the PlayKing Japan™ Nylon Foldable Backpack will make your next excursion a breeze. Whether you need to carry home goodies you picked up abroad, need a lightweight bag for daily adventures, or just a bag to bring to the grocery store, we’ve got your back

The ultra-lightweight bag from PlayKing Japan™ is the perfect addition to any traveler's loadout. With a small form factor, this little bag can easily be tucked away in your luggage for later use and can even fit in your glove box to keep at the ready whenever you need it! 

But don’t let the lightweight nature of the PlayKing Japan™ Nylon Foldable Backpack fool you. This foldable bag is tiny but mighty. Weighing only 0.075kg, the PlayKing Japan™ Nylon Foldable Backpack can carry up to 5kg worth of gear (over 66 times its weight!) and a volume of 20L -- and did we mention it’s waterproof? Check out more below.



With the PlayKing Japan™ Lightweight Nylon Foldable Backpack, you'll never need to worry about travel storage again. When folded up, the bag is small enough to fit in the palm of your hand. However, after opening it up, you instantly have a full-size bag in just seconds



Both lightweight and durable, the PlayKing Japan™ Lightweight Nylon Foldable Backpack can carry more than 60 times its own weight, making it ideal for those traveling who need to bring back more than they left with! As if that wasn't enough, PlayKing Japan™ crafted this beastly little bag with durable waterproof nylon to keep your belongings safe even when traveling through Mumbai during monsoon season!  




While the PlayKing Japan™ Lightweight Nylon Foldable Backpack is perfectly suited for an adventure, it's also ideal for whatever life throws at you. Sometimes that's running to the grocery store and not using wasteful plastic bags. With its small size, you can keep this bad in your purse, car, or even pocket to shop consciously without the waste. Like you, this bag is just as comfortable in the rainforest as it is running to pick up ingredients for dinner.





Want a sleek all-black bag to complete your outfit? We've got you. Maybe you're looking for a bright blue bag to accentuate your style? We've got you. Or Maybe you're looking for an adventurous design that encapsulates the mountains you climb? You guessed -- we've got youWith various color and design options available for the PlayKing Japan™ Lightweight Nylon Foldable Backpack, you can pick the one that best represents you









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